John Small, Professor School of Criminal Justice

John Small, Professor School of Criminal Justice

John Small was always fascinated by the law, which is one reason he became an NYPD Police Officer. But his interest went far beyond enforcement. He was fascinated by the laws behind enforcement; what cops were and were not allowed to do. The law might say one thing… a judge might overrule that and say something else.


So as he patrolled the streets of Queens, he became an expert. That’s when the NYPD Police Academy called. They needed someone to teach new recruits about the laws of search and seizure and use of force. John was their guy.


He loved teaching and, soon, began re-thinking his own education. In 1996 he was accepted into the St. John’s School of Law. After graduation he returned to the Academy, this time as the Law Department Tutor. Any time new rulings were handed down from the courts, it was his job to interpret and explain them to top brass. He also appeared as an expert witness in many high profile cases.


John was also a busy husband and father of five. He first heard about Monroe College when his second son attended Monroe’s Jump Start, a program that gets High School seniors ready for college. John’s son needed a bit of a push. Today, he’s headed for medical school. John credits Monroe with changing the boy’s life.


Monroe would change John’s life as well. After retiring from the NYPD in 2007 he became an instructor in our College of Criminal Justice. Now, instead of cops, he’s teaching kids and loving it. His favorite part of the job is that, sometimes, there are no right answers-- only more questions. But through those questions, he’s training a new generation of law enforcement professionals to examine every angle before they act and, even more important, think for themselves.