About the Program

The King Graduate School’s Master of Science program in Executive Leadership in Hospitality Management will give students a leg up in management careers in one of the world’s fastest- growing industries. Beginning in August 2013, students will enter an accelerated, one-year program that prepares them for leadership positions in hotels and resorts, convention services, strategic development for tourism boards, international tourism development, real estate development projects and business ownership. Alternatively, some of these students may be looking to change careers from the hospitality industry to academia.

New York City

Because the program is based just outside of New York City, students will have the benefit of learning in a fast-paced, complex environment, which is what makes it an invaluable training environment. Field trips and outside speakers leverage our proximity to New York City, one of the United States’ greatest tourist destinations. Students will reside in New Rochelle, just a 30 minute train ride from Grand Central Station.

Contact Information

For more information about the M.S. program in Executive Leader in Hospitality Management, please contact the King Graduate School directly or visit our website:

Phone: 1-800-556-6676 Email: king@monroecollege.edu

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