Monroe College's Bronx campus is an ideal urban campus located in the bustling Fordham section.

New Rochelle

Located in downtown New Rochelle, the Monroe College New Rochelle campus is nestled in a diverse, thriving suburban community in Westchester County.

St. Lucia

Located on the Vide Boutielle Highway, Monroe College’s St. Lucia campus offers a practical education designed to give students a competitive edge in the workplace.

  • The Rugby Academy at Monroe College

    Monroe College will be launching its inaugural Rugby season in Fall 2016. We are currently in the process of looking for experienced rugby athletes to compete on our academy team. The team will compete with other colleges and universities in and around New York and New England.  

    Academy Philosophy

    The Monroe College Rugby Academy provides a training atmosphere in which players can thrive, improve and enjoy the game while attending Monroe College. The experience is designed to be both challenging and enjoyable, working to push players to a higher level and allowing every player who comes to the academy to leave as a better athlete and person.

    Our Players

    The Academy is an ideal program for several types of players, including players who need to obtain college credits to become NCAA eligible without losing playing eligibility, players who wish to become coaches and study and international students who want to learn English and study in America while being part of a serious Rugby academy. Whatever your reason for joining, we will make sure it is a first-class experience.

    Rugby Curriculum

    The Academy’s rugby curriculum is a progressive year-long program that develops a player’s cognitive, technical and physical abilities. The training methods are modeled after some of the best rugby programs in the world.  Players will undergo a massive conditioning program to improve their speed, endurance, strength and power, while at the same time developing a respect and discipline for the game.  Players will become better problem-solvers and thinkers on the field as they play, and will be challenged as they develop their rugby mind through our unique curriculum. 

    Inter-collegiate games will be played in the Fall and will be supplemented by daily practices.  Winter and Spring semesters will be a combination of weight training, conditioning and normal practices as weather permits.  Players should plan on a regular training schedule year-round. 

    Campus Life

    Monroe College's New Rochelle campus offers the best of both worlds: a suburban campus that provides a traditional college experience and a close proximity to New York City, the largest city in the United States. Living on campus is an exciting way to enjoy college and bond with peers and classmates. Monroe's residence life program offers several options for staying on the New Rochelle campus, creating a 24-7 college experience. Monroe’s housing options include suite-style residence halls or apartments and Monroe’s newest dormitory building, Gaddy Hall, which was completed for the 2014 fall semester and offers state-of-the-art traditional college housing with student lounge areas.

    New Rochelle is home to two other colleges and boasts a bustling suburban main street with shops and restaurants.  New Roc City, an entertainment complex with a movie theater, restaurants and arcade fun zone, adjoins Monroe’s Main Street Campus.

    New York Experience

    Just a 30-minute train ride away, New York City is home to some of the world's best cultural offerings and will provide you with countless adventures.

    Monroe College’s Rugby Academy encourages students to extend their learning experience beyond the classroom. Being a part of the Monroe community means getting involved and developing the leadership skills that will serve you well in your athletic career. With over 700 student members in over 50 clubs, there is always something to do. In fact, there are over 130 activities planned per semester. Weekend trips feature a variety of activities that allow you to explore the greater New York Metropolitan area, including skiing and snowboarding, paintball, museum visits and other cultural trips. Through these academic, social and cultural groups and activities, students have ample opportunity to join organizations that interest them, support causes they believe in or just have some fun with a diverse group of their peers.

    English Language Learning Institute

    The Monroe College English Language Learning Institute (ELLI) provides students whose primary language is not English with the reading, writing and verbal skill necessary for success in United States colleges and universities. Students will become fluent in English through language instruction, cultural immersion, intensive lab experiences and courses in U.S. culture and the arts through drama, music, film, dance and graphic arts. An English Language Learning student will not only gain the skills necessary to thrive in a college institution, but will also gain insights into the diversity of cultures that surround them in today’s global working environment.

    Experiential learning is a key component of the institute's curriculum. Students will not only receive a top-notch education within the four walls of a classroom, but will also utilize the environment around them to learn. New York City and the greater tri-state area are the classrooms of ELLI. Trips are organized and planned every semester, based upon the needs and interests of the current ELLI student body. Many of the trips planned not only reinforce concepts taught in ELLI classes, but also expose the students to the culture of the New York City area.

    Monroe’s Home Field: City Park

    Monroe College’s Rugby Academy takes advantage of a wide range of athletic facilities, including both outdoor and indoor as well as a weight training facility. In addition, Monroe’s location in the New York metropolitan area allows the Academy to utilize a wide range of indoor and outdoor locations in the area.  Established Rugby fields are located throughout the New York Metropolitan area including Randall’s island, located directly across from Manhattan and a 15 minute bus ride from Monroe’s New Rochelle campus.

    Monroe’s home field is located just a half mile from campus and is part of New Rochelle’s expansive City Park athletic facility. The newly refurbished artificial turf field provides players with the highest quality surface and is the location of the majority of the Academy’s outdoor training. When training indoors, the Academy uses the Monroe Athletic Complex. This 45,000 square-foot arena houses a weight room, locker rooms and the athletic trainer’s facilities in addition to the multi-use stadium.