Monroe College's Bronx campus is an ideal urban campus located in the bustling Fordham section.

New Rochelle

Located in downtown New Rochelle, the Monroe College New Rochelle campus is nestled in a diverse, thriving suburban community in Westchester County.

St. Lucia

Located on the Vide Boutielle Highway, Monroe College’s St. Lucia campus offers a practical education designed to give students a competitive edge in the workplace.

  • Testimonials

    Juan Gatti - Former International Soccer Academy Player, Argentina

    I came to Monroe college to join the International Soccer Academy Team in April 2012. I came from Argentina with very little knowledge of how everything works in this country. After two semesters at Monroe, I was offered a scholarship to play at Mercy College, where I quickly became team captain. After finishing my undergraduate degree in International Business, I started my graduate degree and became the Men’s Soccer assistant coach, a position that I hold today.

    I have achieved many important things in my life, and I am absolutely sure that none of it would have been possible without all the help and support I received from Monroe’s Coaches, especially Jonathan Garbar. The level of training and development that I received at Monroe was one of the highest I’ve ever seen. I learned key values that I have applied not only on the field, but also in life. The Academy was one of the most valuable experiences of my life.

    In addition to the soccer aspect of the Academy, the relationships that I built there are very important. I met players from all over the world, and they have become really good friends of mine. I built strong relationships that I will keep with me forever. I know that I can go to Brazil, China, Israel, England, and many other places around the world, and I will have a brother whom I can visit and a house where I can stay.

    Finally, a word of advice based on my experience at Monroe: enjoy every minute as if it is the last one and take advantage of every single opportunity. You will have the opportunity to work with the best coaches in the country, but it is up to you how far you want to go. I can’t explain how much I learned just from listening to Coach Garbar, and I have the privilege to live close enough to keep learning from him whenever I can. There is only one key formula for success at Monroe and in life: work hard + listen to your coaches + never give up = SUCCESS.

    Phil Zayas - Head Coach of Men’s Soccer at Johnson and Wales Miami

    The Monroe College International Soccer Academy is a great opportunity for any player looking to compete at the college level. Jonathan Garbar and his coaching staff go above and beyond to prepare players, athletically and academically, to play at four year schools. The staff also puts a great amount of time and energy into assisting every player with finding a four-year program after their studies are complete at Monroe. I highly recommend Monroe to aspiring players and to coaches looking for well rounded players.

    Ateko Opaluwa - Monroe International Soccer Academy Captain, Former Player

    I chose to join the International Soccer Academy program because they had successful men's and women's soccer programs located in New York, a place I had always dreamed of visiting. 

    Athletically, my development was quick, and the coaches’ knowledge and belief in my potential drove me to improve my whole game. The importance of academic success was always emphasized. It wasn't enough to just be successful athletically. We were pushed to first be successful with our studies, and then to enjoy our time on the field.

    The International Soccer Academy gave me the opportunity to interact with people from all around the world. The ability to relate to people from different countries and cultures and who speak different languages is definitely something that will help me within my future career path.  

    Daniel Watson - Former International Soccer Academy Player, England

    I enjoyed the international aspect of the program the most— training and playing with athletes from different countries. This was a great experience for me, one that helped me learn both on and off the field.

    I also enjoyed the program’s organized, professional design. Despite having no competitive matches, the program’s training sessions were structured to follow a season development program that would lead to placement within an NCAA program. Without any doubt in my mind, I believe Coach Garbar is the ideal person to take the International Soccer Academy to new heights. This is not only because of his knowledge and experience, but also because of the style, composure and determination he brings to his work.  

    Lucca Lacerda - Former International Soccer Academy Player, Brazil 

    Being part of the International Soccer Academy was a really good experience for me. The program helped me to develop my soccer skills and learn how to interact with people of different cultures. The coaches played an important role in my experience, helping me develop a higher level of play and confidence in my ability to compete. The program was a great decision, as it allowed me to improve my technical skills and to also complete my NCAA eligibility while here in the United States.  

    Tosin Abudiore - Former International Soccer Academy Player, England 

    The International Soccer Academy was an amazing experience, and an opportunity that I will never forget. I take great pride in saying I was a part of it. Not only is it in New York, one of the most vibrant cities in the world, but the infrastructure of the program itself exudes success as soon as you arrive. It is a family-oriented program, full of student-athletes from across the globe that are all following the same desire: to become not only the best athlete they can be, but also the best person they can be, both professionally and academically. All of this stems from the world class coaching Monroe's program offers with Coach Garbar at the helm. He has, without a doubt, been the most influential coach I have encountered, and I have had the pleasure of working with many elite coaches. A desire for hard work, a love of the game, competitiveness and motivation are all the necessary components you need in a coach, and Coach Garbar has these and more in abundance. I still frequently visit the program as it is an absolute honor to have been a member of the International Soccer Academy Program at Monroe College. 

    Kevin Piccardo - Former International Soccer Academy Player, Paraguay

    I heard about the International Soccer Academy when my club coach told me to attend a showcase after I finished high school. There I met Coach Jonathan Garbar, and he told me all about the International Soccer Academy program.

    It was not easy to move to the United States and leave my family behind. However, the program has helped me to make gains in my English and my studies, and I have become a more confident person because of it.

    Since the first day that I came here, I felt at home. Everyone involved in the program is a true professional. The coaches not only help you to be a better player and achieve your goals athletically, but they also help you to become a better student.

    While it is up to you to decide how much you want to improve, at Monroe you are going to find a home, friends and competition. While the program challenges you in order to help you improve, you will find a family here to help you through the everyday life of being a student-athlete.