Monroe College's Bronx campus is an ideal urban campus located in the bustling Fordham section.

New Rochelle

Located in downtown New Rochelle, the Monroe College New Rochelle campus is nestled in a diverse, thriving suburban community in Westchester County.

St. Lucia

Located on the Vide Boutielle Highway, Monroe College’s St. Lucia campus offers a practical education designed to give students a competitive edge in the workplace.

  • The Tech Boot Camp

    The Boot Camp features a selection of affordable ten week classes taught by knowledgeable and supportive IT professionals designed to effectively prepare participants for careers in three distinct areas:

    • Mobile App Development
    • Open Source Web Technologies
    • Microsoft Technologies

    Each class leverages Monroe’s strong connections with area businesses to offer:

    • One-on-one career mentoring
    • Access to relevant guest speakers
    • Site visits to local tech employers
    • The opportunity to build a robust portfolio of work for presentation in front of a panel of industry professionals.

    We ask that participants bring their own laptop computer and a strong desire to learn.

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  • Bio3

    Lead Instructor

    Milan Iliev is a senior software engineer for a small development team at Optimum. Years of training new team members has led him to discover that he loves teaching software engineering and coding almost as much as he loves building software himself. He believes that programming can be simple if you take the right approach as it requires more of a creative tack than a scientific one. 

  • Courses

  • Foundation Class

    HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for Responsive Web Design

    WHAT: This class equips aspiring designers and developers with the necessary HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills required to build web applications and sites that will adapt to a wide array of devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. After mastering the fundamental concepts of Responsive Web Design, students explore the latest techniques to achieve mastery of responsive layout, images, typography, and tables. 

    Web Development Foundations Syllabus

    Career Program Tracks

    Track 1: Mobile App Development Classes

    • Class I. Android Application Development

      The course covers Android features and development environment; the user interface; input variables, and operations; icons and decision making controls; lists, arrays, and web browsers; implementing audio in Android applications.

    • Class II. IOS Application Development

      This course will introduce you to iOS app development in Swift, a new programming language from Apple. You'll learn how to create apps using the same tools and techniques used to make the top apps in The App Store.

    • Class III. Unity3D SDK

      This Unity 3D training course from Infinite Skills introduces you to the fundamentals of 3D game design with the Unity engine. This course is designed with the absolute beginner in mind; no prior experience with Unity is required.

    Track 2: Open Source Web Technologies Classes

    • Class I. SQL Programming with MySQL Database 

      During this course, discover the fundamental concepts of working with MySQL Database. Your instructor will discuss the MySQL architecture, installation of MySQL, and designing a database.

    • Class II. Ruby on Rails Web Application Framework 

      You'll discover how to put all the pieces together to build a complete Ruby on Rails app from idea to deployment. You'll come away with a solid understanding of Rails as well as key design principles and practices to help you craft robust and flexible apps on your own.

    • Class III. Web Development with PHP 

      This course provides the knowledge necessary to design and develop dynamic, database-driven web pages using PH. PHP is a language written for the web, quick to learn, easy to deploy and provides substantial functionality required for e-commerce.

    Track 3: Microsoft Technologies Classes

    • Class I. Relational Database Design using MS SQL 
      This course provides students with the technical skills required to write basic Transact-SQL queries for Microsoft SQL Server. This course is the foundation for all SQL Server-related disciplines; Database Administration, Database Development and Business Intelligence.

    • Class II. ASP.NET with C# for Web Pages and Web API 

      This course provides a comprehensive and practical hands-on introduction to developing Web applications using ASP.NET and C#. It includes an introduction to using ASP.NET AJAX to build rich client applications.  

    • Class III. Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services 

      This course offers students the opportunity to take an existing web application and expand its functionality as part of moving it to Azure. This course focuses on the architectural considerations and decisions necessary when building a highly available solution in the cloud.

    Student Requirements:

    • Laptop Computer
    • Admissions Interview
    • Committed and Ready to Learn

  • For more information and to register, please contact:

    The Tech Boot Camp @ Monroe College 
    1-800-556-6676 or 914-740-6614 

  • testimonial-KK

    Student Testimonials

    Kevan Luchhini 

    I enrolled in Monroe College's Tech Boot Camp because I wanted to strengthen my resume as a recent graduate of a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. It is important to me to show a more technical side to future employers.  What I enjoyed most about the 5 week Boot Camp was the program structure as I learned HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I recommend this class if you are passionate about tech and looking to understand the different layers of web development and how different programming languages talk to each other.

  • testimonial-KL

    Keval Lewis

    My interest in coding made me join the Tech Boot Camp at Monroe College. I already possessed an Associate degree in Electrical Engineering. The five week Boot Camp class is designed in such a manner that any novice can get hands-on experience learning new coding languages. The instruction was just amazing and the Boot Camp makes sure you are on the same page with other students despite different levels of knowledge. I have decided to move forward with web and application programming and I am very excited about my future.