Monroe College's Bronx campus is an ideal urban campus located in the bustling Fordham section.

New Rochelle

Located in downtown New Rochelle, the Monroe College New Rochelle campus is nestled in a diverse, thriving suburban community in Westchester County.

St. Lucia

The scenic Monroe College St. Lucia campus in Barnard Hill Castries on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia combines the best of many worlds.


Monroe's Queens Extension Center is located in the heart of downtown Flushing, a vibrant and ethnically mixed district of Queens.

  • New Rochelle Students

    Welcome to the Fall 2017 semester at Monroe College. We are delighted that you’re joining us. 

    Your Student Services office is responsible for assisting you on your path towards graduation. Our advisors will provide you with individualized and personalized support, with a special emphasis on the resources and skills you need to reach your academic and career goals. To start you off, we have organized an orientation program with social activities and informational programs to help you get acclimated to the college. Freshmen should carefully review the “First Year Experience” program, while graduate students will find information on their orientation at the bottom of the page.  

    First Year Experience (Freshmen)

    Placement Exams

    June 10th, 17th, & 24th and July 7th & 8th 

    Sign up to take your placement exams before July 8th. This will help make your registration process as smooth as possible. 

    Early Start Deadline

    June 30th 

    The Monroe College Early Start Program, which begins August 7th, is an opportunity for motivated high school students to earn six college credits before the Fall semester begins. These classes, which begin on August 7th and are taught by Monroe College faculty, are courses within your respective major. Students should complete financial aid by June 30th. To register for these classes, contact your Admissions Advisor.  

    Football Move-in & Orientation

    June 30th

    Student-athletes in the football program will move in to their dorms and meet with their coaches and residence life for an orientation lunch. 

    July Module Orientation & Classes Begin

    July 5th 
    3:00 pm
    Students taking July module classes will meet with staff from academics, student services, and residence life for orientation. 

    Freshman Registration 

    July 11th -13th

    You will have the opportunity to register for Fall classes and discuss your schedule in depth with your First Year Experience advisor. If you haven’t already done so, please submit all documents required to register for classes:

    • final official high school transcript
    • high school diploma
    • immunization records

    Summer Slam – Student Orientation

    July 28th – 29th (Overnight)

    Summer Slam Orientation will be your first real taste of the college experience; a chance for you to step out and create some of the memories that will last a lifetime. Bond with your classmates and your advisors during an overnight orientation event full of fun, team-building experiences at the Radisson Hotel and the New Rochelle Campus. Attendance is mandatory.

    Day One (July 28th)

    • Check-in/Registration (11:00 am – 2:00 pm)
      Radisson Hotel

      Students will arrive at the Raddison Hotel to receive their room assignment. Once students are checked in to their rooms, they should pick up their orientation packet and temporary ID and meet their Orientation Leader

    • Welcome Session (2:00 pm – 2:30 pm)
      Gaddy Grand Room 

      For the first time, students will meet with their entire first year class for this official opening ceremony to formally kick off the first year experience.
    • Your Destination, Your Journey (2:30 pm – 3:30 pm)
      Mustang Athletic Complex 

      College is an opportunity to meet new people, network, and make connections. During this social, students will have the opportunity to meet faculty, staff, and other administrators at the college.

    • Street Smarts for Students (3:30 pm – 4:30 pm)
      Milavec Classrooms

      Who can give you better insight on what to expect at Monroe College and how to own your college experience than current Monroe students? During this Q&A session, you will be able to get a candid glimpse into students’ experiences at Monroe.
    • Monroe Blue-B-Q (5:00 pm)
      Gaddy Courtyard

      Join us in starting a new and delicious school tradition with the first Monroe Blue-B-Q. There will be plenty of food, music, and spirit to welcome you into the blue and gold family. 

    • Mustang Madness (7:00 pm)
      Mustang Athletic Complex

      Let the games begin! Show us what you’re made of in the ultimate game night and spirit rally. Join your classmates for Monroe’s very own wipe out challenge. 

    • Movie Night (10:15 pm)
      Gaddy Atrium

      Wind down and relax at our annual First Year Movie Night!

    Day Two (July 29th)

    • Highway to Success (9:15 am – 10:30 am)
      Student Services  

      Your success in college depends greatly on your ability to navigate your academic subjects. Your First Year Experience advisor will be a key resource to ensuring that you complete your degree. Meet with your advisor and talk about your plan for the next semester and beyond. 

    Early Start Move-in

    August 5th

    Students in the Early Start Program will move in to the dorms.  

    English Academies 

    August 7th - 10th              

    Students who require remediation in English will take this intensive three-day course to better prepare them for the requirements of college-level English. Students who take the English Academies will have the opportunity to test into college-level English.

    Early Start Classes Begin/Welcome Dinner

    August 7th

    Students in the early start program are invited to a welcome dinner with residence life.

    Pre-season Move-in

    August 11
    Student-athletes will move in to the dorms in anticipation of their preseason. Join the coaches and residence life staff for a welcome dinner.

    English Academies 

    August 28th - 31st

    Students in the college readiness program will take these courses in preparation for college English. 

    New Student Move-in

    September 5th

    New students will move in to the dorms. Join residence life for a welcome dinner and orientation. 

    Continuing Students Move-in

    September 6th – 7th

    Campus Orientation and Textbook Pickup Day

    September 7th

    This campus orientation will give you the opportunity to pick up your textbooks and other materials, and to make and last minute adjustments to your schedule.

    Athletic Orientation

    September 7th

    Students-athletes will join the athletics staff for an orientation. 

    Fall Semester Begins

    September 8th

    Semester Kick off

    September 9

    Students are invited to a campus-wide bonding activity to celebrate the beginning of the academic year and raise  the campus spirit

    Family Success Night

    October 2 
    Gaddy Hall

    Parents of Freshmen are invited to come learn about what they should expect when their child is attending Monroe College, as well as methods to support their child’s academic endeavors.

    King Graduate School

    King Graduate School Orientation

    September 7
    6:00 pm
    King Hall/The Mintz Auditorium

    Learn more about the King Graduate School and your program at this orientation for new graduate students (Bronx, New Rochelle, and Online).