Akil Johnson

No matter how long it takes, continue searching for your passion and once you find it, pursue it!” 

Akil's path to success began when President Jerome visited the Virgin Islands to lead an information session. Inspired by what Monroe had to offer, Akil decided to enroll.

His experience at Monroe was marked by the unwavering support from advisors, professors, and the residential life team. While living on the New Rochelle campus, Akil had easy access to the workout facilities, fun activities, internships, and even part-time jobs. Akil cherished the supportive environment and camaraderie on campus, which played a significant role in his overall development and enriched his college life.

Originally Akil aspired to be a Probation and Parole Officer back in the Virgin Islands, but he shifted his focus to federal grants and began working with the Department of Education. He served as a Compliance Manager for three years and later held a similar position under the State Office of Special Education. He then transitioned to the Office of Highway Safety, where he worked as a Motor Highway Carrier before becoming the Director of the Highway Safety Office.

Akil’s career continued to evolve as he took on a Compliance Position at FEMA, where he has spent the last five years as a Grants Management Specialist. In this role, he manages grants for Region 2, which includes New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Akil loves his job, describing it as the best job he has ever had and something he looks forward to everyday.

He encourages others to utilize the guidance and expertise Monroe provides. Akil frequently reflects on the lessons learned from his professors. The critical and out-of-the-box thinking skills that he developed at Monroe College, along with his knowledge of law enforcement and data analysis, have been invaluable throughout his career.

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