Jay Santos

“Put the pedal to the metal and don't stop until you finish.” 

At the end of his high school career, Jay’s mentor recommended Monroe College. With an easy commute to the Bronx campus, Jay found the transition from high school to college smooth and comfortable, largely due to the supportive environment and dedicated staff at Monroe.

From day one, Monroe felt like an extension of high school with a family-like community, professors who genuinely wanted students to succeed, and advisors who went above and beyond with their guidance. 

During his second year, Jay approached one of his professors to ask for help finding federal work-study positions on campus. A day after, he was immediately secured an interview and thereafter a job with the Financial Aid Department. This job made him feel at home and provided mentors who gave him positive feedback about school, helped with homework, and guided him in writing resumes. Jay is deeply thankful for this experience as it significantly contributed to his academic and personal growth.

Jay graduated with a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. His passion for law enforcement led him to join the Police Cadet Program with the NYPD, a paid internship that guarantees a job upon graduation. This opportunity was a perfect fit for Jay, who has always been interested in helping the public and giving back to the community. 

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