Kristal Torres

“If I could take classes at the School of Education for the rest of my life I would!"

Kristal's journey to achieving her dreams of becoming a teacher began in the Career Pathways program at Monroe, with the goal of obtaining both her GED and diploma.

From the start, Kristal felt drawn to the School of Education. Encouraged by her aunt's positive experiences, she enrolled at Monroe. A pivotal moment came when she had a sit-down conversation with the Dean of the School of Education. She passionately explained her ambition to become a teacher and inquired about the best way to transition after earning her GED. The Dean advised her to enroll in the Career Pathways Human Resources track so Kristal would be able to complete about 75% of her prerequisites for the School of Education.

The teachers and professors in the Career Pathways program were instrumental in shaping Kristal into an individual ready for the job world. They go above and beyond, helping students network and ensure everyone finds a job after graduation. Their unwavering support and dedication ensured that she and her peers had all the resources needed to thrive. Kristal graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education and is now completing the onboarding process to become a Pre-K teacher at Harlem Children's Zone.

Her advice to current and future students is to focus on organization to help alleviate a lot of stress and to take advantage of tutoring sessions. Most importantly, she advises students to find a mentor, whether it's a professor or a fellow student, who can help keep you on track and support you through challenges.

Kristal would like to continue her educational journey at Monroe and is planning to enroll in the Master’s in Childhood Education with a Concentration in Special Education degree program. 

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