Prisca Onyegwara

“Take your studies seriously, and Monroe will pave the way for your future success."

From the moment Prisca began at Monroe, she was provided with all the resources she needed to excel. Her professors were instrumental in her academic development. 

Prisca founded a nonprofit organization, Excellent Health for African Initiative. This organization focuses on providing free medical services to underserved rural communities that lack access to healthcare. The coursework and assignments at Monroe directly influenced the programs her nonprofit currently implements. Her professors were not only mentors but also became collaborators when she began teaching aspects of Global Health, a course that left a lasting impression helping her fine tune the organization’s initiatives.

After graduating with a Master's in Public Health and concentration in Community Health and completing her thesis, Prisca secured a position with the New York City Department of Health as a Public Health Advisor. She later transitioned to a role as a Clinical Research Educator at Care Access Research. 

Prisca attended Virginia University of Lynchburg, where she received a degree in Doctor of Healthcare Administration and Leadership. Through this program Prisca developed skills in Healthcare Management and Leadership, Human Resources, ethics, and medical policies. 

Prisca’s connection to Monroe College remained strong. Wanting to give back to the institution that had given her so much, she decided to teach Global Health in the MPH program, a role her former professors supported. 

One of her proudest moments is writing and publishing her book, Take That Step, to help guide her readers towards a healthy life. Specifically, Chapter 2 details her time at Monroe and how her degree and accomplishments have shaped her career. 

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