Rosanna Beliard

“Monroe to like a big brother that is always there to teach and support you."

Encouraged by her relative's positive experiences, Rosanna decided to enroll at Monroe. Initially, Rosanna started in the Medical Assisting program, aiming for an associate degree. However, doubts clouded her decision until a Monroe professor advised her to pursue a bachelor's degree to fulfill her passions. This pivotal moment led her to meet with advisors who guided her towards a Bachelor of Science in Public Health, a degree now known as a Bachelor's in Community Health and Wellness, which she proudly completed in 2024.

Rosanna describes her experience at Monroe College as transformative and the best decision of her life. The professors at Monroe stood out for their accessibility, quick responses, and dedication to pushing students to exceed boundaries. The welcoming atmosphere, characterized by the staff’s friendly smiles and positive energy, constantly uplifted her mood when she walked onto campus.

At Monroe, Rosanna found a family that was filled with respect and opportunities. With the help of a career services advisor, she secured an internship and full-time job position at Emma L. Bowden Upper Manhattan Mental Health Center. Her boss, also a Monroe alum, emphasized the strong relationship between the organization and the College, promising to support her if she chooses to pursue a master's degree in the future.

She loves her current position as a Case Manager and is committed to honoring Monroe by excelling in her role and continuing to grow as a professional. She plans to return to Monroe for a master’s degree.

Rosanna’s journey at Monroe means more to her than just gaining credentials. As a mother, she returned to school to set a positive example for her children, believing they would follow in her footsteps one day. Graduating Cum Laude, Rosanna is extremely proud of her achievements and hopes to continue making her family proud.

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