Sadreana Williams

“The College showed me the importance of believing in others and making a difference within one's community.”

Sadreana's journey to success began with inspiration from her mother, a Monroe College alumni. After completing her undergraduate degree at Berkeley College, Sadreana wanted a new perspective on Criminal Justice studies. She found Monroe College to be an extremely familiar and family oriented environment, which was exactly what she was looking for. In 2020, Sadreana graduated from Monroe with a Master’s in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Human Services.

Her academic path at Monroe started with the excitement of hybrid classes. Winning the Dean’s Recipient Award was a turning point for her, validating her hard work and sparked her passion for learning.

With a background in social services since the age of 16, including roles at Safe Horizon and her current role as a Care Coordinator at Good Shepherd Services, Sadreana felt a strong sense of purpose in helping others. Monroe played a crucial role in shaping her professional skills in criminal justice and human services.

Now working near the Bronx campus, Sadreana continues to engage with Monroe’s community, often participating in panels and staying connected with Dean Harrison.

Sadreana’s advice for prospective students is to thoroughly research and visit the campus to get a true feel for the school. She credits Monroe with fostering a family based atmosphere that was instrumental to her success.

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