Soraya Robinson

Utilizing your village. Everyone at Monroe wants you to succeed. You're never just a number here.” 

Soraya was drawn to Monroe College due to the proximity of the campus’s location to her home in the Bronx as well as the flexibility of her classes. Driven by her passion for teaching, Soraya enrolled in Monroe's education program. The transition was challenging, but with the personalized support of her professors, she quickly adapted and began to excel. Soraya successfully graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Early Childhood Education. 

The support from her professors was invaluable, especially when she needed to care for her daughter. They ensured she stayed on track, emphasizing the importance of open communication and ensuring she never fell behind. Monroe's commitment to supporting aspiring educators shined through when they covered the costs of Soraya's certification exams, retakes, and even fingerprinting. Workshops on essential topics were also held conveniently on campus, ensuring accessibility for all students.

Through additional workshops on retirement plans, budgeting, and interview preparation, Soraya felt equipped to take on the next steps of her future career. Monroe's goal of securing teaching positions for all graduates by the next September sparked her determination. Soraya’s perseverance and Monroe's unwavering support led to her securing a Head Teaching position at Family Life Academy Charter School, turning her dreams into accomplishments.

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