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16 Tips to Survive Accountant Busy Season

It’s crunch time for accounting professionals and accounting firms all over the country as people rush to them to get their taxes done. Tax time is the busy season accounting professionals likely dread the most.

Cybersecurity History: Hacking & Data Breaches

While cybersecurity and computer hacking seem to be talked about all the time nowadays, it can be surprising to think about how recent of a development they both really are. You don’t have to go back far to get to the beginning with cereal whistles and college kids. Since then, the developments have been advancing at an ever-increasing pace.

How to Start a Daycare in New York

Owning and maintaining a child daycare center can be very rewarding. Success in this industry demands hard work, love, and patience. The workday is long, but the enjoyment of seeing children grow and develop is well worth the extra effort.

Accounting Degree: Associate or Bachelor’s

Nearly 1.4 million people work as accountants and auditors in the United States, earning an average annual salary of $73,560, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). If you've been considering entering this lucrative and sometimes demanding profession, you might be confused about the schooling and training necessary as well as the career opportunities available to accountants.

BSN in 10: New York & Beyond

The United States is in the midst of a national nursing shortage. There simply are not enough nursing personnel to meet the needs of all healthcare facilities. While many are taking whatever nursing personnel they can get, there is a bigger push to employ BSN-educated nurses. There are also incentives for healthcare facilities that employ these BSN-degreed nurses.