Our Culture

Together, We Make It Happen

At Monroe everyone knows your story and wants you to succeed. Monroe’s one mission is to work with you so that you will achieve your goal.

We Celebrate Diversity

Monroe College has welcomed thousands of students from around the world. Our campuses are melting pots: multicultural, multiethnic, multigenerational.  We are a mini United Nations.

Waving Our Flags

Graduation day at Monroe is a celebration of our diversity as well as your achievements.

Celebrating Caribbean Day

Festivals take on special meaning at Monroe. Of course, we celebrate our students' heritages every day.

Rainbow Perspectives

This student club brings together LGBTQ+ and allied individuals to create a safe, welcoming community.

We Support You

We've created a culture that says yes: we can, you can. We provide the supportive environment for your success, and we know how to motivate you to excel. That's our mission.

There is a lot of personal attention and everyone wants you to do well 

Danielle Rackman

RN in Nursing, 2022

Monroe professors care 

At Monroe, everyone's got your back. You'll be given the information and skills needed to empower you, solve problems and make decisions in the real world. You'll be better positioned to compete in the marketplace and forge a path of your very own. 

I feel like I’ve gained a family here

Kristina Newby

BS Public Health, 2020