New York Is in Our DNA

We are a New York institution

Monroe College is proud to be a vital part of New York City, supporting the industries that drive the City’s economy and helping first generation college students realize their dreams of graduation. We consistently rank among the top three institutions in the state for graduating Black and Latino students.

We Make our Mark

You are Bound to Meet a Monroe Graduate

If you walk into the industries that make New York great — hospitals, hotels, schools, law enforcement agencies, or elected official offices, especially in our neighborhoods — you will likely find a Monroe graduate or someone who knows a Monroe graduate. 

New York is not just where we are, it's who we are.

History of Ambition

It’s where we began back in 1933 and where we continue to lead today.

The city’s history of attracting new immigrants who want to better their lives reflects our mission. The pride, can-do spirit, respect for diversity, relentless energy, and constant quest to outperform and outshine are very familiar to us. They’re part of our DNA, too. 

People come to New York from all over the world to take a chance on their dreams. 

They come to Monroe for the same reason and from just as many places. 

Jumpstart Your Career in the Big Apple

With our 360+ corporate partners, you'll discover national and international opportunities to help build your resume.

If you want to build relationships and strive for your future, Monroe is the place to be.

Joseph Stephens

BBA Business Management, 2016

Account Executive, Group Sales, The New York Yankees

The Ultimate NYC Graduation

Lights, camera, action — and you step on the stage at Radio City Music Hall alongside fellow students to receive your diploma. Only in New York can this ceremony be steps from the Great White Way.