Cecile Walker

Jamaican Native Fulfilling the American Dream, Thanks to Monroe

Cecile Walker hails from Jamaica, and she found herself compelled to secure gainful employment replete with comprehensive benefits and other pertinent requisites. Concurrently, she embarked on a scholastic journey while maintaining her work commitments. This undertaking proved arduous, yet she diligently upheld commendable academic achievements and fostered amiable camaraderie with her fellow students.

The pinnacle of Cecile's elation manifested on the day of her convocation, as her name resounded upon the grand stage, symbolizing the culmination of her academic pursuits. This momentous occasion bore testament to her greatest source of joy. The fruits of her labor eventually materialized, as she successfully procured a vocation befitting her aspirations.

Notably, Cecile's reflections predominantly gravitate towards her subsequent occupational engagement with the esteemed New York State Attorney General's Office, a tenure that endured for an impressive span of 31 years. She is often reminded of her journey to such a great career and expresses her gratitude to the staff and her fellow colleagues, who empathized with the dual challenges of toiling diligently and concurrently pursuing scholarly pursuits.

Cecile's interactions with her classmates were marked by conviviality, forging close bonds with a select few. Her academic endeavors bore illustrious accolades, securing placements on both the President's List and the Dean's List, further exemplifying her dedication to academic excellence.