Debbie Duran

From First Generation Graduate to Successful Entrepreneur 

Debbie Duran, residing in the Bronx, discovered the possibility of attending an upstate college online. Curious about the process, she approached Monroe College to inquire about taking the required entrance exam. Coincidentally, Monroe happened to be the closest college to her location. As she stood in line at the Monroe lobby, a compelling advertisement on the TV caught her attention—a graduation ceremony featuring a single mother of four children with two jobs. The woman's emotional testimony inspired Debbie, who, as a married woman with two kids and one job, felt empowered by the idea that if the single mother could achieve her goals, so could she. Encouraged by this moment of inspiration, Debbie made the decision to enroll at Monroe College.

Living in Edenwald Houses, Debbie's perception of math underwent a positive transformation at Monroe, thanks to an African teacher who employed a unique and effective teaching approach. Debbie consistently secured scholarships while at Monroe, making her a first-generation college student in her family. The college introduced her to several exceptional teachers who believed in her potential more than she believed in herself, guiding her on her path to success.

Her career in human resources commenced in New York in 2007, but due to economic challenges, she relocated to West Virginia to live with her father. There, she unexpectedly applied for a job with the state government of Maryland, setting off a remarkable journey in the field of human resources. From a class and salary analyst role, Debbie became a human resources manager and director. Presently, she holds the assistant human resources director position at Morgan State University. Her success doesn't end there as she prepares to transition to a senior classification and compensation analyst role within the Baltimore City government. Additionally, Debbie established her own immigration consulting company in downtown Baltimore City.

Reflecting on her achievements, Debbie acknowledges the pivotal role played by the dedicated teachers at Monroe College, who saw her potential and refused to let her withdraw from a challenging economics class. Their unwavering belief in her abilities laid the foundation for her extraordinary professional journey, and she holds Monroe in high esteem for the invaluable support and encouragement she received during her time at the college.