Elyseia Brown

“I had an interview and wrote an essay, and soon after was offered a scholarship.”

When a Monroe College recruiter appeared at Elyseia Brown’s high school in Jamaica and talked about the perks of going to school in New York, she was intrigued enough to apply.

“I had an interview and wrote an essay, and soon after was offered a scholarship,” Elyseia recalls.  Last August, she left her tropical island home to settle in at Monroe.

“I had a little trouble getting used to the colder weather, but everyone at Monroe is so friendly that I had no problems making friends,” she says.  “Both Monroe and New York are very diverse and multicultural, which I love. It reminds me of home, because Jamaica is that way also.” 

The criminal justice major has taken a deep dive into academics, entering the honors program after encouragement from her communications professor, who saw her talent. She’s also joined the criminal justice club where she participates in activities centered on current issues. “We looked at immigration from the standpoint of people from different countries and discussed how current laws affect them. Another day, we wore purple in solidarity against domestic violence, and talked about that issue.”

Elyseia has always been interested in the law and plans to go to law school in the States before returning to Jamaica. She’s grateful for Monroe’s friendly atmosphere and supportive professors, but singles her mother out for special recognition. 

“My mom has sacrificed everything so I could be here,” she says. “I am doing this for her as well as for me.” 

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