Fernando Pena

I Mastered it: Monroe made my MBA Dream a Reality 

Fernando Pena started at a different school with grades that didn't quite meet the mark of excellence. However, Monroe College emerged as one of the few institutions that saw beyond those grades, recognizing Fernando as an individual with untapped potential. The college granted him an invaluable opportunity to prove himself once again. Concurrently, Fernando was working full-time, and Monroe's diverse range of options seamlessly accommodated the needs of a working adult like him. Many of his fellow students were in similar circumstances, striving to balance their lifestyles while supporting their families, forging lasting friendships during this transformative period.

Despite the demanding responsibilities of a full-time class schedule and a full-time job, Fernando managed to navigate through the challenges, maintaining an impressive GPA of approximately 3.8 upon graduation. This feat instilled in him the profound belief that dedication and focus could lead to remarkable accomplishments. His confidence surged, propelling him to pursue an MBA, which he completed successfully several years later. Monroe College played a pivotal role in facilitating his entry into the MBA program, laying the foundation for his burgeoning career.

With the support of Monroe and the attainment of his graduate degree, Fernando's professional trajectory skyrocketed. The college acted as a catalyst, setting his career on a path of exponential growth. People would often mistake him for a professor due to his habit of wearing a suit after work, a lighthearted situation that amused him. The college's faculty members, hailing from diverse backgrounds, left a lasting impression on Fernando. Their dedication to propelling their students forward created a nurturing environment—an oasis amidst life's challenges.

Reflecting on his time at Monroe, Fernando cherishes the transformative experience that shaped him as an individual. The college's impact extended far beyond academics, fostering personal growth and development. Fernando looks back fondly on those formative years that set him on the trajectory of success and self-discovery.