Gina Vessechia

“Monroe helps you explore the opportunities out there and zero in on what is best for you.”

Like many college students, Gina Vessechia admitted  she really didn’t know what she wanted to study when she entered Monroe. She started in the nursing program ... until a combination of fear of blood and an admissions counselor who pushed her to find her true passion put her on the path that was right for her. She took a gap year and worked as a senior clerk in the reproductive medicine department at Montefiore Hospital, and decided her calling was on the business side of medicine.

Gina came back to Monroe and earned her bachelor's degree in health services administration. Following that, she received her master’s of business administration, and is currently earning her Master of Science in organizational leadership at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry.

Today, Gina is executive assistant to the chairman of cell biology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She credits her success to the College’s commitment to its students and flexible scheduling for working students, as well as her own hard work.

“Monroe helps you explore the opportunities that are out there and zero in on what is best for you,” Gina said. “They provide the necessary tools to help you find your voice and ensure you are versatile in your studies and career.”

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