Harold Fich

“My professors helped me with study guides and guided me to the certifications that bolstered my resume.”

Harold Fich said he got the break he needed when, on a recommendation from his younger brother’s college advisor, he transferred to Monroe. “For the first time, I finally felt I could have a career,” he said.

“I took all the technology classes I could, and they gave me the right foundation to excel,” he said. “By the time I graduated, I was prepared to enter the workforce with all the up-to-date knowledge I needed to do my job right from the start.”

Harold received a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems summa cum laude in 2018. He is now a software engineer at Infosys, working on a project for ComCast near Philadelphia.

The world of technology is ever-changing, and Harold, who was president of the the IT Club at Monroe, said he is grateful to have had professors who were on top of the latest in technology trends and who were always available to help their students. “Their understanding of what I was going through made such a positive impact on me,” Harold said, adding they helped him with study guides and guided him to the certifications to bolster his resume.

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