Jose Perez

Monroe Made My Culinary Dreams Come True

Jose Perez considered multiple colleges for his higher education, and Monroe College was one of the options presented to him by his high school counselor. With a desire to strike a balance between proximity and the experience of living in a dorm and meeting new people, Jose, guided by his counselor, embarked on college tours, exploring various institutions with fellow students from different graduating classes. Ultimately, Monroe College stood out to him due to its proximity to his hometown, coupled with the allure of its culinary program, featuring an impressive kitchen and a beautiful garden in the vicinity.

During his time at Monroe, Jose found inspiration and admiration for Professor Tracy Zimmermann and another esteemed culinary professor. The dynamic and supportive learning environment they fostered impressed him deeply, especially as it was his first time delving into the world of cooking and culinary arts. Under their guidance, he not only honed his culinary skills but also received valuable education-related experiences, such as assisting in grading papers, interacting with peers, and guiding others towards suitable career paths. Professor Zimmermann played a significant role in Jose's culinary education, imparting various cooking methods and writing techniques and advocating for him during internship opportunities.

Equipped with his culinary arts hospitality degree from Monroe College, Jose confidently entered the professional culinary world. His academic background not only complemented his practical work experience but also earned him the trust and recognition of executives. As a result, Jose achieved his dream of becoming a chef, overseeing a team of nearly 90 cooks and facilitating their culinary journeys. The education he received at Monroe played a pivotal role in shaping his successful career, providing him with comprehensive knowledge and skills that continue to benefit him in his culinary endeavors.