Joseph Stephens

“I want everyone who comes to be as entertained as possible, so they’ll have a memorable time. And they’ll come back."

As an account executive in group sales with the NY Yankees, Joseph works with business clients and large groups with a goal of filling as many Yankee Stadium seats as possible. But his job is more than that, he says. “I want everyone who comes to be as entertained as possible, so they’ll have a memorable time. And they’ll come back.” The key to that, he says, is building relationships with clients.  

Joseph has always had an entrepreneurial streak. As a kid, he established a business doing odd jobs like raking leaves and cleaning out garages in his hometown of Poughkeepsie. He even admits to reselling his Halloween candy. “I quickly learned that whatever you do, any field you go into, uses business skills. So I became a business major.” 

By his own admission, Joseph took advantage of everything Monroe had to offer. A mid-distance runner on the track team, he was also active in the sports business club and became an RA. But the biggest game-changer was his involvement with the Sports Management Club. “I was an athlete, so I had an understanding of sports, and I loved business. Focusing on sports management was a natural fit.” 

He became president of the sports management club in his junior year, and through the club had the opportunity to travel to the three-day MLB conference in Arizona. The goal: to meet with representatives from as many major and minor league teams as possible. That conference eventually led to an offer from the Yankees. “I was part-time for the first year, and that was tough. I had to keep my job at McDonald’s just to make my rent. But just a year later I was promoted to full time, managing $450,000 worth of business.“  Now, with yet another promotion under his belt, Joseph has set his sights on travelling as much as he can. “Being able to deal with clients who have had these opportunities has really opened my eyes. I’d really like to travel the world."

"If you’re a go-getter, you want to build relationships and strive for your future, Monroe is the place to be. The teachers are professionals, they didn’t go to school to teach, they live it every day. I wouldn’t be where I am at not for Monroe.”

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