Kevon Weekes

“I was thousands of miles away, yet Monroe made the admission process so easy.” 

“I was a sophomore in high school when Monroe came to visit my high school in Saint Vincent. I was immediately hooked,” recalls Kevon Weeks. “For the first time, I felt that there was something beyond my tiny Caribbean island, and I was excited for new opportunities. When it was my turn to graduate, Monroe reached out to me and helped with the next steps. That alone told me what the school stood for – that I was important and not just a number.”

Despite being thousands of miles away, Monroe made the admission process easy for Kevon. “I could reach out to my admission counselor and received responses right away. To have someone there to speak to and respond to questions and concerns made the transition easier. Unlike most colleges, Monroe recognizes our Caribbean high school diploma and certificates. I didn’t have to do anything more than be myself.”

Kevon graduated with her bachelor’s degree in criminal Justice summa cum laude in 2012. She is currently enrolled in law school and is expected to graduate this year, which coincides with her 10-year anniversary of moving here.

Kevon refers to the Monroe “domino effect” that has paved the way to success. "Now, I’m a full-time paralegal supervisor at Greenberg Law P.C., a job I was recruited for immediately after graduation because another Monroe student who worked there recommended me."

Kevon has wonderful memories of her time at Monroe. "At first, I was terrified to be so far from family, but early on Monroe became my home. I found a community that was full of people like me and was able to put down my roots and really grow. I loved when the Multicultural Association hosted Caribbean Nights with cooking stations from all the different islands. It showed me how much Monroe cares about who I am and where I was from. I felt embraced and welcomed. I wasn’t just recruited to Monroe, they took it a step further and embraced me.”

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