Limited Classes Return to Campus for the Spring Semester

With the Spring semester starting on April 30th, the College has been working hard to begin reopening the classrooms and labs, and getting ready for our students’ return. 

That’s right – we’ll be offering a limited number of classes back on campus again this Spring!

On-campus events and activities will also resume, albeit with PPE, social distancing, and reduced capacity requirements in place. 

Here are the classes that will be offered in person during the Spring semester, broken down by campus:

NR Campus

EC-201-52    Macroeconomics

EN-206-52    Professional Writing

LA-240-53    Criminology                

LA-241-51    Juvenile Delinquency       

HP-151L-51   Culinary Arts I - Lab      

HP-152-51    Baking Fundamentals        

HP-165-51    Baking & Pastry Arts II    

HP-225-66    Dining Room Management   

HP-230-51    Culinary III               

HP-235-66    Culinary Arts Practicum    

HP-258-51    Cuisines of Asia & Middle East

HP-259-51    Charcuterie                

HP-260-51    Chocolates & Confections   

HP-265-52    Contemporary Cakes & Desserts


BX Campus

AC-161-09    Principles of Financial Accounting

EC-201-02    Macroeconomics             

EN-111-03    College Writing

IT-115-01    Electronic Spreadsheet Applications

IT-118-01    Integrated Business Applications

LA-122-04    Fundamentals of Communications

MA-050-05    Fund of Mathematics & Algebra

MA-115-04    Quantitative Reasoning     

MG-227-01    Business Ethics in Sports