Luis Heredia

“Fortunately, Monroe saw my potential and gave me a second chance at school.”

A soccer injury in high school delayed Luis Heredia's plans for a higher education. "I broke my leg and all of my scholarships went down the drain. I didn’t have a backup plan," he says. "Fortunately, Monroe saw my potential and gave me a second chance at school. They understood where I was coming from and told me they would help me through the classes and even allow me to practice on the soccer team." Eventually, Luis's leg healed and he joined the team ... and was instrumental in helping them win the Regional Division title. 

"I felt inspired again and eventually got an academic scholarship for my hard work."

Today, Luis is the digital production associate at Benchmark Education. He received his associate degree in business administration cum laude from Monroe and his bachelor’s degree in business from St. John’s University.

"Monroe has taught me so much about giving presentations and writing at work," said Luis. "It helped me succeed in my job and I recently got a promotion and a raise."


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