Michigan Show 2023 - Making a Statement

For the first time in CINY history, the core team consists of ten freshman members, marking a significant milestone in the institute's history. While only five members can compete in the team competition, the remaining five provide unwavering support throughout the entire journey, including the day of the competition. Often overshadowed, these five team members are just as determined and driven, if not more so, than the five-person menu team. They have been eagerly awaiting their chance to prove themselves.

The Skills competition showcases a range of intricate knife cuts, including potato juliennes, paysannes, and tornés, as well as tomato concassé and small dice, and onion small dice, alongside an entire chicken fabrication. Initially designed as a precursor to hot-dish competitions, it is arguable that this contest is even more challenging for many participants. December's skills competition results from Monroe highlight this fact, with no competitor earning a Gold in knife cuts. Remarkably, this includes three members from the 2022 National Championship team. Frank J. Costantino Jr., with a score of 88, clinched the Best of Show, closely followed by teammates Thomas Bradburn and Jeovanny Adames. This achievement becomes even more impressive in this context.

Considering this perspective, it becomes truly extraordinary that students in their second semester achieved gold medals across all categories. Student Jaylene Cid achieved a perfect score of 100 points, leaving Judge Turcott to express, "I don't know where I could begin to take off a single point" upon reviewing Cid's tray. One of the judges even suggested that she be invited to demonstrate the competition to other students, as she was deemed to be "putting on a clinic." This made her the fourth recipient of a perfect score for this judging panel.

Competitors Nijae Lawrence and Humza Hussein also made history for themselves by earning their first-ever gold medals in singles competition, both in their third ACF competition. Notably, Humza showcased exceptional skills with an overall score of 97, leading Coach Costantino to remark on his "major elevation" on competition day. Their unwavering determination and outstanding performance showcased their deserving success.

Lastly, competitors Dakari Rone and Isabella Torres also secured gold medals in the skills competition, with Isabella building upon her outstanding performance in Cleveland, where she earned a gold medal and Best of Show. This accomplishment amplifies her incredible momentum.

The clean sweep of full gold medals by the entire supporting team is an impressively remarkable achievement for our school. Achieving scores like these, not just gold medals, but high golds, in a skills competition is far from easy. This accomplishment serves as a statement not only to the competing teams at Nationals but also to the ACF and the culinary world at large. It demonstrates that all five of these students are prepared for any challenge that comes their way.