Monique Riley

"You stood side by side with me on many occasions, you were with me when I first began to crawl, creep, walk and now I'm up and running in such an unprecedented time."

Freedom Youth Family Justice Center and Freedom Youth LLC will make 2 Years old in the year 2021! We are excited to share our journey with you. Many of you stood side by side with us on many occasions, you were with us when we first began to crawl, creep, walk and now we are up and running in such an unprecedented time, and just like the little engine that could, we are making strides to continue on our journey. The CEO & Founder, Monique Ferguson-Riley of Freedom Youth LLC and Freedom Youth Family Justice Center Inc. Set out to create an organization that would fight against human trafficking. Ms. Riley is a survivor of commercial sexual exploitation took what was meant to kill her and turned her pain into triumph. Mrs. Riley formed Freedom Youth LLC to train and prevent youth from falling victim to human trafficking recruitment and traffickers she then noticed a need to help those that were victimized by human trafficking and domestic violence so, she decided to open the Family Justice Center 501c3 Nonprofit. For 1 whole year, Mrs. Riley trained over a thousand youth, parents, teachers, and professionals through various organizations and assisted victims, survivors, and their immediate family members. Don't be fooled by number 2; What Freedom Youth has been able to accomplish in 1 year will stun you, Freedom Youth has not only trained youth in prevention but it has given the youth a platform to speak out on many of the social and health issues that teens are faced with such as bullying, teen pregnancy, depression, Belonging, and abandonment. Freedom Youth provides an outlet and seeks to empower youth to stand up and use their voice. Passing the torch to the youth is tradition and sown into all of the hearts of the people that work with freedom youth! Freedom Youth offers an array of services for youth and adults that are at risk for human trafficking as well as the program for teen/adult victims of human trafficking. Today, I am proud to be a part of Freedom Youth like a quilt that has been carefully stitched together with each pattern carrying a different story Freedom Youth will forever be imprinted in the hearts of those that we have assisted, trained, saved, empowered! Please come out and join us on our special day! there will be speakers and you will hear from a few of the people that we have helped, live performances, and more.

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