Nicole Hernandez

“The education program was outstanding. The professors pushed you to reach your potential and even go beyond it.”

Nicole Hernandez is enjoying her position as a first grade teacher at the Bronx Charter School of Excellence. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education in 2019. 

“Monroe helped prepare me for my job as a teacher,” she says. “The education program was outstanding and the professors pushed you to reach your potential and even go beyond it. There are so many people at Monroe invested in making you a teacher for today’s world. It’s a great feeling to have a team behind you and there for you every step of the way.”

Nicole particularly loved finding her own, creative style of teaching through her classes, instead of being told how to run a classroom. "Also, the professors were helpful and guided us through the edTPA exam we needed to pass in order to get our teaching license. It’s a difficult test, but we worked hard for it at school and we were ready."

Nicole was a member of the Education Club at Monroe, and remembers it as a great opportunity to bond with classmates who understood what she was studying in school. 

“Looking back, I wouldn’t want to go to college anywhere else. I had such a great experience at Monroe!”

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