NYPD Police Officers Honored for Efforts to Improve Quality of Life Issues in the Bronx

The College was very proud to open this morning’s start of semester meeting for staff and faculty with a well-earned tribute to three local police officers who have made a much-appreciated impact on the local community.

The three NYPD officers – Michael Misilewich, Brandon Piehler, and Gary Scott – were recognized for their great work to begin resolving a number of quality of life issues that became especially problematic in the area around Fordham Road and Jerome Avenue earlier this summer.

From a preponderance of illegal car washes to abandoned or unregistered vehicles and overgrown city parks in need of landscaping “TLC”, among other issues, the neighborhood was not shining as brightly as it once did.

ocal residents, including members of the College community, reported that they were beginning to feel uncomfortable and even unsafe in some cases.

While the 52nd Precinct, which covers this area of the Bronx, has always worked to resolve some of these matters, some of them were outside of the NYPD’s purview, requiring operational or administrative assistance from other NYC agencies to fully remedy.

Fortunately, there was a new initiative within the NYPD’s Office of Patrol called Community Link that was established for such instances. It focuses on bringing together the right resources to specifically tackle quality of life issues that span multiple City agencies.

With the support of NYC Deputy Mayor Philip Banks III and Police Commissioner Edward Caban, the 52nd Precinct connected over the summer with the Community Link team. A meeting was held in Ustin Hall earlier this summer to share concerns and solutions.

The three police officers were instrumental in finding the best path forward to serve the community and compassionately rolling out the much-needed changes. Police Officer Michael Misilewich is with the NYPD Office of Patrol; Police Officers Brandon Piehler and Gary Scott are part of the 52nd Precinct.

In appreciation for helping restore the local neighborhood to the wonderful place it is to live, work, and study, the College invited the officers back to campus to be recognized today.

“Today, we recognize the wonderful work of these three police officers for their professionalism, dedication to public service, and compassion for those in the community,” said President Jerome.

“They have had an undeniable impact, which is helping build a stronger Bronx for everyone,” he added.

More than one dozen members of the NYPD were on hand at the College to celebrate their colleagues’ recognition and hear first-hand how grateful the College’s students, faculty, and staff are for their service to the community.

See the full news release here.