The Olympic Rings are Blue and Gold this Year! Two Monroe Alums Compete in the Games

Congratulations to Sarah Atcho and Tristan Evelyn on seeing their Olympic dreams come true! 

When the 2021 Olympics opened on July 23rd this year, all eyes were on Tokyo, Japan, as athletes from around the globe endeavored to do themselves and their home countries proud. 

For at least two competitors, "home" was perhaps a bit ambiguous as they no doubt felt the heartstrings tugged equally by the countries they grew up in as well as the one that warmly welcomed them for their college education.

After all, nobody is cheering louder for Switzerland's Sarah Atcho and Barbados' Tristan Evelyn than those affiliated with their shared alma mater -- Monroe College!

Sarah, a former track and field standout at Monroe, hails from Lausanne, Switzerland. She competed for the Mustangs as a freshman in the 2014-15 school year and proudly represented her home country at the 2014 Olympics. 

This is Tristan's first Olympic games representing her home country, Barbados. After earning her Associate degree at Monroe in 2017, she moved up to an NCAA program at University of Houston, where she earned her Bachelor's degree and ultimately moved on to graduate studies. She, too, is a track competitor.

Competing at the Olympics is the dream of every athlete, and we congratulate our two alums on making it so brilliantly and boldly to the field of competition -- or the track as the case may be. 

On behalf of the students, faculty, and staff on Monroe, we send you best wishes and lots of luck!

We are incredibly proud of you!!