Rachel J. Kemp

Thanks to Monroe, I 've Never Had To Be On Public Assistance Again

Rachel Kemp had young children at the time, and she sought a flexible educational option. Unwilling to participate in a back-to-work program that didn't align with her needs, Rachel had previously expended her TAP and Pell grants searching for the right fit for her education. Fortunately, she eventually stumbled upon Monroe College while walking one day. Intrigued, Rachel conducted some research, promptly visited the school, and underwent the admission test on the spot.

Her experience at Monroe proved fulfilling as she enjoyed her classes immensely. Despite procrastinating on her statistics coursework, her math teacher offered invaluable guidance, emphasizing the importance of remembering the formulas. This advice enabled Rachel to excel in the subject and earn an impressive A grade. Monroe College consistently provided additional support when needed, reinforcing her positive memories of the institution.

Rachel fondly recalls President Jerome's warm greetings every semester when students collected their programs at the gym. Such personal engagement from the college's leadership left a lasting impression on her, setting Monroe apart from other schools. Notably, a career counselor at the Bronx campus proved instrumental in Rachel's journey, suggesting a work-study program that ultimately led her to the Jacobi Hospital Admitting Department. Her strong work ethic left a positive impact, leading to a provisional job offer. Subsequently, Rachel secured a regular clerical position while pursuing her Bachelor's degree.

In 2011, Rachel pursued an opportunity as a Job Opportunity Specialist for HRA, securing the position through an examination. She has since remained devotedly committed to her work there, achieving promotions along the way. Thanks to the solid foundation laid by Monroe College and the guidance she received, Rachel has navigated her career successfully, found her way off public assistance and managed to remain financially secure, even during challenging times such as the pandemic.