Rosannette Kirby

From young mom to global influencer: Monroe helped me do it

Rosannette Kirby was a young mom who hadn't finished high school. After her kids had grown, she felt a strong urge to push them toward education and realized it was her duty to go back and finish her own education. She wanted to show them that she could not only "talk the talk," but also "walk the walk." Luckily, Monroe was conveniently located within walking distance, making it feasible for her to pursue her educational goals.

In her 40s, Rosannette faced the challenge of juggling her studies while taking care of her family, but she managed to hold her own. Her kids used to playfully tease her, nicknaming her a "teacher's pet" because of her dedication to learning. One professor, Michele Rodney, especially stood out in her memory. Rodney's encouragement and belief in Rosannette's potential gave her the confidence to excel in her studies.

Having a background in criminal justice, Rosannette eventually ventured into the field of teaching. When the opportunity to teach cybersecurity arose, she embraced it despite it being a new subject. Drawing on her research skills, she put together a comprehensive lesson plan, demonstrating her adaptability and commitment to education.

Over time, Rosannette's passion for education led her to become a city council member. In this role, she engaged with citizens and the community, applying the knowledge and skills she had acquired throughout her journey. Her dedication and hard work were recognized internationally, as she was honored by being appointed as an Officer of the Most Illustrious Order of Merit in her home country, Antigua.

Through her accomplishments as a public relations professional, motivational speaker, teacher, successful entrepreneur, and councilwoman, Rosannette continued to emphasize the value of education. She passionately believed in providing opportunities to the youth in her community, hoping they would positively impact the future. Proud of her achievements and committed to serving her community and country, Rosannette Kirby remained an inspiring figure for many.