Sandrea Smith

Monroe made me realize I could finally apply to those higher management positions I always believed I could do.

Frustrated at being turned down for higher level positions because she lacked a degree, Sandrea decided to turn disappointment into action and followed her younger sister to Monroe College. She enrolled in night school and has never looked back. She received her associate degree in business administration, then continued on to earn her bachelor’s degree in business management, graduating in 2014.

“Those business courses at Monroe made me realize I could finally apply to those higher management positions I’ve always believed I could do. Having my degree gave me an advantage and I was able to move ahead in my career.”

Today, Sandrea’s hard work and dedication has allowed her to reach new career heights. Recently promoted to group station manager at MTA NYC Transit, Sandrea has a team of 150 personnel and 20 subway stations under her direction.

"My time at Monroe enhanced my life in many ways and gave me the chance to sharpen my career skills. The professors were always helpful and the college offers numerous resources for extra help which made my experience at Monroe much more enjoyable."

Her best advice for today’s students: “Stay the course, keep yourself open to opportunities and find a trusted professor, parent, or sibling to talk to who will allow you to express how you feel about what you have going on in your life.”

Sandrea’s passion for words and for supporting others has led her to start her own boutique agency, Wordsmith Resource, LLC, which specializes in resume and cover letter writing.

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