College Faculty

NYPD detectives and counter-terrorism experts. Doctors and nurses leading medical missions to underserved communities. Executive chefs at New York restaurants and resorts. These are just some of the people who bring their life experiences to the classroom.

Our Professors Are Working Professionals

Our curriculum is fueled by the expertise of our professors. They give you the unique opportunity to not only learn textbook material, but also how these lessons relate to the real world. See below how experience is making a difference in our classrooms. 

Helen Werner, BSN, MS, PhD

Our students must be prepared for disasters due to climate change. They benefit from our student-centered approach.

Danielle M. Thomas, MS

My educational mission is to influence the transformation of perceptions relating to women and minorities in law enforcement.

Stacey James, MS, CHE

To succeed, create and grow, students must develop critical thinking, emotional intelligence and the ability to self-evaluate.

Jacob Boaheng, PhD

Lab assignments and projects allow students to work through realistic issues and quickly transition this experience to the job market with ease.

Edward Moon, MS, CEC

Pay attention to every detail of a kitchen, how it's organized, how it's run. Adopt the good practices as your own. Remember and learn to avoid the bad ones.

Desmond Poyser, MD, MPH

Apart from technical skills, the most important thing has to be professionalism — interpersonal interaction is key to the best healthcare treatment.

Sheila Kaye, MPH, RCHES

Strategies to success include collaboration, teamwork, and taking the initiative in the work environment.

Johanna Tramantano, MSEd

Striking a balance between theory and practice, so my students feel equipped to understand their students’ needs.

Tanja Jacobsen

Going the extra mile - adding relevant information - so the class is not only engaging, but helpful for the real world.