The Monroe Network

As a Monroe student, you can tap into a vast network of career contacts that includes professors working in their fields of expertise, corporate partners who often turn internships into jobs, and successful alumni who want to pay it forward.

Career Connections Happen at Monroe

Every step you take at Monroe brings you closer to your professional goals. Connections happen everywhere you look.

Our Faculty

As working members of their industries, your professors are connected to leaders in their fields.

Monroe is like an extended family that can make introductions and help you get a foot in the door.

Jesper D’Alessandro

BBA Hospitality Management, 2021

Connect With Industry Leaders

Deep relationships with our corporate partners mean that if you take your goals seriously, they’ll take you seriously, too. Monroe students have a great track record of landing jobs at companies they interned at.

Go From Classroom to Boardroom

Our professors are connected within their industries and share their insights along with textbook learning. Their working knowledge allows you to stay on top of changing trends and new developments.

If I can impart wisdom outside of academic content, that might be just as important as the subject matter.

Stephen M. Waldow, PhD

Professor, School of Allied Health Professions

Our Alumni Network

Monroe grads are pursuing careers at many of New York’s best known companies and institutions. But they’re not too busy to give back, answer a question, or lend a helpful hand.